Rebuilding Humanity

Spirit Fall's been in development since 2011. It started as a world, then a few stories, and finally made its way into a tabletop role-playing game. Version .1 was created in December 2013. We hit Version 1.0 in July 2018. As with all long term projects, the final design turned out to be very different from initial design goals. We had lost the game’s spirit.

So in July 2018, we decided to redesign and re-imagine the game. We set out to make a better-designed, more cohesive, and smaller game.

In September 2018, we were joined by 4 of our core contributors, Victor Barros, Charles Williams, Benjamin Webster, and Jon Ziner. Together, we playtest biweekly to iron out bugs. Victor runs Spirit Fall in front of a live audience 3 times a week in a permadeath campaign.

Progress on the Game

We’ve been playtesting this version of Spirit Fall since August of 2018. In April we were ready to finally run the game at a convention. With our first public outing, we decided to ramp up production on the game.

Currently, we are working on delivering a oneshot module to introduce new players to the game. We are also developing a social media strategy in parallel to try and reach as many players as possible.

Our goal is to deliver a highly polished product that makes people excited about the full game and broaden our community.

Become a Scavenger

Want to help? There's plenty you can do:

  • Download and peruse our sourcebooks.

  • Run the game and give us your feedback.

  • Tell your friends!

  • Join our discord server.

  • Post questions and feedback about the game.

  • Are you an artist? Contact us at