We thought we understood reality. But then they came to our world, and our understanding of reality shattered.

Spirit Fall is a tabletop roleplaying game about a team of survivors enduring the demon apocalypse. As a scavenger, you take on the fatal burden of protecting your safezone. Your team will go out on missions in the deadly streets of New York City to stop threats and keep your wards from collapsing for a few weeks longer. You may narrowly escape death, but trauma is inevitable. If the world doesn’t kill you, your trauma will make you shatter.

We play to find out whether your team will shatter under their trauma or find strength in each other and overcome it. To see your team work together to make the most out of a terrible situation. To see how they fend off demons, tension, and time. To see your characters regain memories of their past lives and grapple with understanding reality in an Abrahamic post-apocalypse. We play to see their spirit rise and see their spirit fall.

Hell on Earth

The game is in open beta. You can visit our download the game materials to get started playing now. Whether you're a player looking to shoulder your fatal burden or a game master trying to show your players Hell on Earth, you're in for an apocalyptic ride.

Beat Back the Demons

As with any game in beta, you may come across mechanics or items you think should be reworked. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and give us your feedback.

Work Together or Die Alone

The Four Horsemen are coming for everyone and no one is safe. As the apocalypse progresses, we want to build and grow a community of lost souls to fight back against the Four Horsemen. Join our Discord server and make your mark on the game.